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Best Smart Watch to choose on a budget

Best Smart Watch to choose on a budget

Technology is getting better and our tech gear is getting smaller. We hand picked our favorite smart watches based on Cost Benefit Analysis. 

Fitness Tracker SmartWatch

best smart watch for the price
This watch is really cool!  It is awesomely intuitive with exercise. The Straps are easy to change and give the watch a premium look&feel. It's not bulky like a lot of activity tracking watches, its sleek design makes it perfect if you want to use it for daily wear. Dress it up or down, totally up to you, the watch simply keeps up. 
The Sleep monitor and heart rate tracking options are also great additions at this price range. 
It even comes with an 80's style game!
This has been our best selling product for 2 months in a row!

SmartWatch Activity Tracker for Women

women's fitness smart watch
We start seeing Designer Brands launching their stylish, fancy women's smartwatches. This here is a great alternative to the $300+ watches. It has all the functionalities of an advanced smartwatch plus the chic factor of designer watches. It comes in 4 changeable colors. This Women's smart watch also features a unique tool to track menstruation. All in all a girls watch! 

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